At the end of every 9 week period, you will find a way to tell about the best book you have read. For this activity, follow these steps:
  • Choose your favorite book you have read so far this Nine Weeks.
  • Each 9 weeks, I will let you choose from one of the following ways to demonstrate your knowledge of the book:
    • poster or glogster
    • prezi or PowerPoint
    • goanimate cartoon, pop-up book, or detailed comic strip
    • iMovie or Animoto
    • mobile
    • other (with permission)
  • Remember, everything you turn in should be something that YOU have done, not your parents. If using technology will take you forever, you should pick a different way to show what you know. Find a method where you feel comfortable and where you will be able to accurately give the information listed above.
  • This project should be something you are very proud to show others when you are done. Make sure you have added details to make your presentation interesting both to read and see.

Click on the link to learn more about each project:
First Nine Weeks Book Project
Second Nine Weeks Book Project