As a class of online writers it is critical that we agree on some general guidelines for our posting. Please read each of the guidelines below. By contributing to this wikispace you are agreeing to follow each of the rules.

  • All users should remain respectful.
  • You may not post anything that is rude.
  • Never delete or change anything that anyone else has posted.
  • Keep your details private. No personal information should be included anywhere in the wikispace.

  • As you post, please use your first name followed by your last initial as a username (ex: kellym)
  • Stay on topic of the discussion and keep your comments school appropriate.
  • This is not a place to socialize.
  • All users should be careful and conscious about what they write because this is a public place. This means that all writing should be respectful as well as grammatically correct.
  • No plagiarism! Please be sure to give credit where credit is due.

  • Teachers have the right to delete any material posted that is inappropriate or off task. Anyone finding something questionable on the website, please notify your teacher immediately.